A Modern Shamanic Approach

If you are looking for truth without the fluff of traditional shamanic practices, get in touch.

Orgastic Breath + Bodywork

Turn your pain into power through pleasure by opening yourself up, and pushing yourself to your limit.


You can come to my private Port Coquitlam home or I am able to travel to you upon request.

Are you ready to take your healing to the next level? Let us create the next chapter of your healing journey together.

What is Energy Healing?

We exist in the physical world. Beneath that, there is a beautiful world full of energy. Everything is in fact energy. To operate your bodily system effectively and efficiently, energy needs to flow through you. Due to past sexual and emotional traumas, these painful experiences have created blocks within your energetic system, preventing that energy from flowing. Energetic healing allows the blockages to be removed and allows the backed up pain to flow up and out of you. Imagine a garden hose with a knot. The water behind the knot is attempting to flow through, however the knot is preventing the water from flowing. The water in this case is your creative force. We will work together to remove the knots within your system and create space for that energy to flow freely once again. In doing so, you once again find balance within yourself and allow yourself to have a more peaceful, enjoyable existence.

Hello, my name is Josh. If you are seeking truth or simply would like a better quality of life, let us work together to help you get to the level you are searching for. I am always excited to take on new patients that are interested in going the distance with their healing. I searched out different healing practices from around the world and have acquired a unique skill set. Putting them together while working with you, I am confident that my abilities will bring forth a positive change in your life. This change would not only be your greatest ally, but is inevitable if you are willing to help yourself. The truth is, no one person can heal another. A "healer" helps a patient get from point A to point B, however the patient is the one that must walk through the door, a healer just helps them get there by their means. This is very important to understand. If you are looking for someone to simply heal you, I'm sorry but I am not the person that you seek. If you are however, ready to give yourself the love you deserve and are willing to work for it, then we will sync up nicely. 

Call today, I am looking forward to meeting with you

Are you ready to begin the next chapter? If you would like to book an appointment or learn more, contact me for more information.


Tantric Body Dearmouring & Energy Healing

Tantric energy healing can be an overwhelming task to jump into. Working with your sexual energy and adding an intimate touch can be more than most people are ready for. If you are ready to work with your sexual energy and remove the blocks that are preventing you from getting the most out of life, feel free to contact me and we can start working together right away.

Some benefits from this kind of energy work include:

  • Understanding and removing old patterns of energy that is preventing you from finding and keeping fulfilling relationships.
  • Creating space to manifest a new partner that is more in line with your natural energy.
  • Learn about the union of spirituality and sexuality.
  • Having a loving sexual touch you may not currently be getting in your life.
  • Increase the amount of pleasure you are able to withstand.
  • Removing self image or trust issues you may have.
  • Allow yourself to move on from old relationships that are weighing you down.
  • Get past sexual trauma you may have experienced and allow for positive sexual intimacy and a healthy sex life.
  • Balance your sexual energy and find the desired libido in which you are searching for.
  • Remove blocks that are impairing you from having a healthy satisfying sex life.






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